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Blossoms Grenadine Syrup 100ml
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100ml bottle of Blossoms Grenadine Syrup, made with mix fruit juice concentrate (blackberry, raspberry, blackcurrant and elderberry), inverted sugar and citric acid.

Blossoms Syrups can be used in Cocktails, Sparkling Wine, Smoothies, as a cordial, drizzled or added to anything you like from Desserts to Savour Dishes.

Made in the UK and in small batches this unique syrup is - perfect for any cocktail.

Try drizzled on porridge, plain yoghurt, ice creams and so much more!

Blossoms Syrup is 100% natural, suitable for vegetarians with no added aromas, preservatives or colours.

Syrups are made of fruit concentrates, inverted sugar and citric acid.

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